Rubén Darío López


Ruben was born in Palmira, a small town in southwestern Colombia. He has travelled to major cities and studied Guitar with Clemente Diaz, and taken master classes with Pavel Steidl, Zoltan Katona, Peter Katona, Antal Pusztai, Henrique Pinto among others. He also studied harmony and music theory with Jaime Henao. Clemente Diaz composed and dedicated two of his works to Ruben, published with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia; one live recording made by Ruben of another piece of the same composer titled “Preludio y Fantasía de Pasillo No. 4” was used on the soundtrack of the Spanish documentary film “Donde Viven Las Mujeres”.

During 2011 and 2012 Ruben took a course in Classical Guitar performance at the Scola Luthier D’Arts Musicals in Barcelona, Spain, awarded with a scholarship by the ICETEX (Colombian institute that promotes Colombian talent). He also has won other awards such as the "Special Award" - Yamaha Grand Concert Guitar, for the best performance of music by Latin American composers (Villa-Lobos, Astor Piazzolla -his arrangement of "Verano Porteño", and Gentil Montaña) in the Compensar IV International Competition For Young Guitarists awarded by the jurors Eduardo Fernandez, Fabio Zanon and Henrique Pinto. Also won the "Best Performance of  Instrumental Work by the Artist of Honour" at the Mono Nuñez  Andean  music Competition, for his arrangement for guitar solo of the piece for quintet “Bambuqueando” composed by Luis Uribe Bueno (see videos in Youtube).

Ruben has performed his own arrangements, compositions and works of another composers in concert halls and festivals such as the San Augustin University theatre and the Arequipa and Tacna municipal theatres - during the IX International Guitar Festival in Arequipa, Peru ; also the Carlos de Amberes Foundation Theatre in Madrid (invited by the embassy of Colombia in Spain); the Tecla Sala Library's Cultural Centre  in the L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, and the parish of the Cathedral of the "Sagrada Familia" in Barcelona, Spain. He has also played in the Tierra Incognita and Pole Sud Cultural Centres, in Geneva and Lausanne respectively, in Switzerland; and in the medieval parish of Prevessin Moëns in France, the Miguel Angel Asturias Cultural Centre Chamber Theatre (invited by the embassy of Colombia in Guatemala) in Guatemala City. He gave performances too at the Arica Municipal Theatre during the XI International Guitar Festival in Arica, Chile; At Rolston Recital Hall, and the Bentley Chamber Music Studio in the Banff Centre, also in the Nellie McLung House (Historic Place; invited for the consulate of Colombia in Calgary), also at the Ross Glen Hall in the Mount Royal University (invited by the Canadian Association for Participatory Development) in Canada. Equally in the Sitka Performing Arts Center in Sitka, Alaska, United States. And have being performing in other concert halls and music festivals in Colombia.

He premiered the piece by Gentil Montaña "Cariñoso" and also the piece “Paisaje Criollo” again by Clemente Diaz, at Colombia's Mono Núñez Andean music festival, the most important Andean Music festival of Colombia.

He taught Classical Guitar for two semesters in the “Fundación Artistica Gentil Montaña”, invited and directed by Montaña himself, in Bogotá D.C. when Montaña was alive. He has given guitar master classes at the  Huila Conservatory and University of Nariño Music Department, also have being teaching for teachers and students of the area of Guitar of the Music Department of the University of Nariño in Colombia, winner of another sponsor by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, with a project of himself, to teach music of Colombian composers for guitar. Also have being teaching guitar in other musical institutions in Colombia.

In 2014 Ruben was resident composer at the Banff Centre in Banff, Canada, awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia and the Banff Centre itself to compose and play music for guitar solo there.

In 2015 earned a Bachelor in Music with Magna Cum Laude of the University of Nariño in Colombia, with a scholarship awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia and the ICETEX; through a special program for artists with experience verifiable.

In 2016 Ruben made an artistic residence at the Sitka Fine Arts Campo, Alaska, United States, awarded by the Colombian Ministry of Culture and the Sitka Fine Arts Campo itself, to compose and play music for guitar solo.

The work as a performer, arranger, composer and teacher of Ruben continues to be well regarded


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